Excel Digest

Specially formulated to rebalance the digestive system



Competition and racehorses are prone to ulcers and other digestive disturbances, which in turn can have a significant effect on performance. Excel digest has been specially formulated to help rebalance the digestive system, helping to ensure optimum absorption of essential nutrients.

Feeding Excel Digest helps maintain a healthy digestive system, vital for optimum absorption of nutrients from the diet. Excel Digest is of particular benefit to horses fed high starch diets, and where ulcers have been identified, Excel Digest can also be complemented by the additional feeding of Equicell.

Additional Info

Contains a wide range of ingredients including:

  • Seaweed buffer - unique porous structure controls excess acid in the stomach
  • Slippery Elm and Aloe Vera - powerful phytochemicals with mucoprotective properties, help protect the stomach mucosa from excess acid
  • Nucleotides - assist the repair of the stomach lining, providing key building blocks for new cells, as well as supporting overall health and performance
  • Yeast and Prebiotics - enhance digestive function, allowing the hind gut to remain stable, particularly important for fibre digestion, providing lasting energy for performance
  • Additional plant extracts - a number of additional plant extracts have been included to further support digestive health and support the recovery following ulceration and other digestive problems

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