High levels of nucleotides, vital to maintain health and performance in the horse



A unique equine feed supplement, containing high levels of nucleotides, vital to maintain health and performance in the horse.

Nucletodies have been identified as conditionally essential nutrients, behaving in the same way as many vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids

The normal diet contains low levels with a low bio-availability and is therefore limited in what contribution it can make to the total supply

There is also an increased requirement from dietary sources under specific circumstances, when the internal supply cannot be guaranteed.


How Nucleotides work in healthy horses

In a healthy horse, feeding nucleotides supports training and competition, supporting oxygen transport and uptake. Supporting optimum red blood cell production limits the production of lactate, allowing horses to perform longer at high levels. This also supports recovery between training and competition, meaning horses keep performing at their best throughout a long and busy competition season. AS conditionally essential nutrients, Nucleotides are an essential part of the diet for performance horses of all types.

Additional Info


  • Oxygen uptake
  • Muscle function
  • Effective utilisation of energy from the diet
  • Helps unlock genetic potential
  • Recovery during and after illness
  • Liver function following disease or toxin exposure, supporting the metabolism of toxins
  • Maintaining optimum digestive function, particularly helpful in horses prone to digestive stress
  • Helps support red blood cell production, increasing oxygen availability in the body
  • Supports regeneration of new tissues, important following injury

Including Equicell in the diet supports training, performance and recovery, fully utilising the genetic potential of the horse.

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