AeroChill Cooling Boots

Aids the healing process of sensitive tissue and body parts



The AeroChill evaporative cooling boots for horses are perfect for maintaining body temperature and also aiding the healing process of sensitive tissue and body parts. The special Hyperkewl fabric absorbs water very quickly and releases it very slowly for extended cooling from evaporation.

Simply activate the boots in water for 2 minutes and apply the boots for 20 - 40 minutes. This is enough time for the boots to pull enough heat out of the legs to accelerate post exercise recovery.

Pulling heat instead of pushing ice is less invasive on the horses leg. This gives accelerated recovery and no ice burns!

These AeroChill cooling boots are suitable for a variety of uses. With the ability to be re-used time and time again by simply re-cooling the water these boots are brilliant value for money.

Additional Info


  • Non-toxic and lightweight
  • Easy to use when away from the yard
  • Less invasive than using ice or frozen gel
  • Designed for post excercise
  • Designed for post competition
  • Airflow required
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Activate in water in 2 minutes
  • British design

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