Excel Dressage

A balanced vitamin and mineral supplement



A balanced, broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement, specifically formulated to provide a calming effect while also meeting the daily requirements for vitamins and minerals.

Excel Dressage is an ideal supplement for horses prone to spookiness, but that may not need a specific calming product. By supplying optimum levels of vitamins and minerals, any imbalances in the nervous system may be alleviated.

Ideal for all competition horses requiring a daily vitamin and mineral supplement with calming properties, this product is of particular benefit to these prone to excitability. Excel Dressage provides a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals along with specific calming ingredients.

Additional Info


  • High levels of B group vitamins, ensure optimum absorption of nutrients, allowing for effective delivery of oxygen to the muscles
  • Can be fed continually throughout training, and in combination with either Stay Calm Liquid or Stay Calm Powder
  • A balanced supply of nutrients helps to ensure consistency can be maintained
  • Calming properties are beneficial to horses prone to stress and excitability during training, competition and travel
Nutritional Info
Ingredients Quantity / Litre
Vitamin A 1,365,000iu
Vitamin D3 120,000iu
Vitamin E 15,000iu
Vitamin C 12,000iu
Vitamin B1 356mg
Vitamin B2 500mg
Vitamin B6 1.26g
Pantothenic Acid 400mg
Vitamin B12 1.96mg
Folic Acid 400mg
Nicotinamide 1800mg
Vitamin K 104mg
Iron 9.75g
Iron Chelate 200mg
Omega 3 Oils 90ml
Magnesium 3.5g
Iodine 51mg
Cobalt 20mg
Selenium 20mg
Choline 2.85g
Biotin 50mg
Sodium 1.17g
Lysine 5500mg
Methionine 4400mg
Copper 1000mg
Copper Chelate 500mg
Manganese 449mg
Manganese Chelate 200mg
Zinc 1g
Zinc Chelate 300mg
Tryptophan 100mg

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