Activated Excel Gold

A cost effective solution designed especially for racehorses



Activated Excel Gold is a specially formulated and fully balanced supplement, designed especially for racehorses. This highly palatable supplement produces a cost effective solution to many nutritionally linked performance problems in racehorses. Formulated to complement the very best in racehorse feeds and diet planning, Activated Excel Gold remains at the forefront of nutritional expertise.

Ideal for racehorses requiring a daily vitamin and mineral supplement, and of particular benefit to those prone to digestive stress.

Additional Info


  • Supports optimum health and performance
  • Maintains stamina and may improve recovery times
  • May enhance the horses athletic ability, optimising genetic potential
  • Helps ensure correct muscle function and performance
  • Fortified with Nutriose, helping to maintain the environment for beneficial micro organisms in the hind gut
Nutritional Info
Ingredients Quantity / litre
A 680,000iu
Vitamin D3 40,000iu
Vitamin E 8333mg
Vitamin B1 2.95g
Vitamin B2 1666mg
Vitamin B6 678mg
Pantothenic Acid 1666mg
Vitamin B12 2mg
Folic Acid 833mg
Nicotinamide 3333mg
Vitamin K 250mg
Iron 3.9g
Iron Chelate 1g
Iodine 54.4mg
Cobalt 16.8mg
Selenium 4.5mg
Choline 5.44g
Biotin 33mg
Lysine 50.24g
Methionine 33.3g
Copper 500mg
Copper Chelate 540mg
Manganese 3g
Manganese Chelate 300mg
Zinc 3g
Zinc Chelate 300mg
Nutroise 5%

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