Performance & Recovery Cycle


1. Equicell for a boost

  • The nucleotides will help maintain the horse's ability to work at maximal levels.
  • They will support oxygen uptake and muslce function which is required for strenuous exercise
  • Supports fitness helping the horse to perform better for longer hours


2. Excel Boost before performance

  • Provides all the essential vitamins and minerals for performance ensuring that the muscles are provided with the correct levels to function properly
  • Will help maintain the horse's ability to work hard for long periods by supporting the uptake and delivery of oxygen around the body


3. Xtrolye Revive after performance

  • Provides electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat during performance
  • Will help the body to return to normal levels
  • B12 will maintain optimum production of red blood cells therefore delivering oxygen to the muscles and supporting the lactic acid removal
  • Achieve optimum recovery time post competition


4/6. Excel Neutra-lac after performance & last hard training session

  • Sodium citrate, amino acids and carbohydrates will provide a buffer against lactic acid and its effect on the muscles and ensuring normal muscle function is maintained
  • Amino acids will support the muscles after exercise ensuring they remain strong and to achieve optimum performance at the next competition
  • Carbohydrates provide instantly available energy supporting optimum recovery times


5. Equicell during recovery

  • Nucleotides will help maintain optimum oxygen uptake and delivery to the muscles thereby supporting recovery to normal levels
  • Will provide building blocks in the formation of cells following exercise
  • Will support the immune system to ensure infection or illness does not compromise performance