About Belvoir Equine


Belvoir Equine Ltd supply many top yards with a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Equiform's range of supplements include Jump Off, Xtrolyte Blue and Red, Digest, Excel Extra, Excel Stallion, Total Balance, Tranquil, Staycalm and Equicell, which is a UNIQUE feed supplement containing Nucleotides, which enhance the function of the immune system and support liver function. The Equiform range has many other products to offer. We are trusted by professionals for the best possible products and advice.

We also supply supplements from Equine Products UK Ltd, whose range includes the very popular Selenavite E. Available in powder and liquid, this is a comprehensive and effective all round supplement. Other supplements in their vast range include Breeze-Up, Restore-Lyte, 'No Ties' MSM, Haemavite B Plus, Free-Flow, TransVite and Copper-Trition to name just a few.

Products from Equiform Nutrition and Equine Products UK are always in stock, with Equine America products also available to order.



Low level laser, known as cold laser therapy is a non-invasive treatment that helps to reduce pain and inflammation, and is drug free. Low level laser therapy is similar to photosynthesis, with the cells responding to light. Low level laser therapy has many benefits, including faster tissue repair - ideal for open wounds and mud fever, ligament and tendon injuries, and soft tissue repair. This treatment also assists the lymphatic system. We can come to you so that your horse is treated in their own stable.

Thermal imaging is also available and can detect signs of laminitis, locating heat in the legs to identify tendon and ligament damage, joint and muscle problems.

Equi Med Boots are also available, along with hot and cold compression boots for tendons, hocks, carpels and hoofs. These are used after work to cool legs or to help promote healing after injury.

If you would like to find out more about Belvoir Equine, Melton Mowbray, and the range of horse supplements we have available, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Read our Testimonials

I want to personally thank Jayne Flook at Belvoir Equine for all her help over the years. Always brilliant advice with a smile (even with my scattyness) and the products have always helped my horses! I’m sure I’ve used them all at different times. My 20 year old mare is doing rather well on the joint supplement and I’m obsessed with the field licks. Thank you again xxxx

Cerys Richards

I have been a customer of Jayne’s for about 15 years, I find Jayne to very helpful and knowledgeable about her products which I use for showing and dressage horses and they do exactly as she says and they are always delivered within few days.

Liz Attwood

Jayne Flook is my equine nutritionist.
Jayne has helped me with my horses' diet and helped me get them on to a feeding programme which suits my budget and works around my training and competitions.
Jayne is a lovely kind and reliable person who will help anyone who is in need. I know she’s always on the end of the phone if I need her advice.
She’s very experienced with all kinds of horses from race horses to dressage horses.
I use Jayne's products in both my dressage horses' diets.
I use the muscle pro and electrolytes both of these products are palatable for the horse, easy to store, and affordable as well as long lasting.

My thoroughbred has the muscle pro in her feed and since doing so I’ve seen a huge improvement in her muscle tone and strength over her top line.
I would highly recommend Jayne and her fantastic products to any horse owner from happy hacker to top flight competition horse

Jessica Dries

Jayne is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the Equiform Nutrition Range of Products, her advice is invaluable. Her laser therapy machine is invaluable when used on injuries both equine and human. Belvoir Equine is always my first port of call when I need advice.

Sarah J Watson

Hi, my name is Aimee Beare and I have been using Belvoir Equine products for the last five years. I currently use the liquid Xtrolyte Blue, Excel Muscle Pro, Stay Calm and Tranquil Extra pastes. I have seen a significant difference in my two showjumpers performance and day to day riding since using these products.

I have a very nervous and sharp horse who has completely transformed since using the Stay Calm liquid, it was a complete life saver. I also use the Tranquil Extra paste when away at shows and it has been an amazing piece of kit to keep in the lorry, my horse is horse shy and can be particularly challenging in the warm up. Since using Tranquil Extra pastes we have found he is much more accepting of other horses after having a paste. I find it is at its best 1 ½ hours after being given.

I have three horse who all have Xtrolyte Blue in there feed daily and I have not once had a tired, sick or dehydrated horse since using this supplement. The Excel Muscle Pro is the best supplement I have found for adding condition without having to feed ridiculous amounts of hard, concentrate feed and massive amounts of oil. The Excel Muscle Pro helps to keep my main man competition ready without the fizz and excitability. It is also very kind on the bank account.

The service provided by Jayne is outstanding and her knowledge and enthusiasm when assisting with a query or concern regarding one of the horses is next to none. I really would be completely lost without her and the Equiform products, they truly are the best!

Aimee Beare

I compete at international level and regularly compete around Europe, sometimes for months at a time. I use Belvoir Equine supplements on all of my horses.

Europe has been challenging at times this summer, competing at the hottest part of the day, but Jayne from Belvoir Equine with her wide range of products has kept the horses in top form, Electrolyte Blue, Jump Off, Zynolix keep energy levels up, while Digest looks after stomach function and prevents ulcers. EQUILEVE is something that is never left at home, a legal pain killer, helps with mobility after travelling long distances and helps with recovery after jumping large tracks.

We work very closely with Jayne and rely on her help and knowledge.

I have had a very successful year with my team of horses, they have all been consistent with their performance, that's why I use Belvoir Equine.

Lance Whitehouse

I have been based with Lance Whitehouse for three years, and have used all the supplements religiously. I like to find out what we use different products for, and have learnt a great deal from working with Jayne, Belvoir Equine's MD. For instance liquid supplements get in to the system quicker than powders, bioplex minerals or chelated minerals are better to use than none chelated or bioplex minerals as none of their strength is lost when digested. My horses look and feel amazing, and never lack energy, even after travelling through Europe, our results are a testament to Jayne from Belvoir Equine Ltd.

Giorgia Distefano